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Did you know?

It is easy to spot the differences between green wood and well seasoned firewood! Green wood that is unseasoned has a stronger aroma. The smell will depend on the type of tree, but as the wood dries out, the sappy scent will be replaced by a light woody smell. The bark on the wood will become loose and easy to peel off. Seasoned wood will also create a hollow sound when struck while green wood will only produce a quiet thud.

Did you know it’s important to buy your firewood locally? The movement of firewood is one of the top ways pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer spread to infest our trees. Since Eric’s Firewood is a division of Eric’s Tree Service, a licensed CT arborist, you can always trust the safety and quality of your seasoned firewood when purchasing from Eric.

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Skillet Apple Crisp

Camping by the beach? These fire grilled bacon wrapped scallops couldn’t be more fitting and flavorful!

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